Skarkophagus: Tiny Desk Contest Winner

by Shannon Bowman

Back in December of '14, NPR Music threw a Tiny Desk contest to help fans discover unknown artists. The Tiny Desk Concerts series at NPR has long been a place to see well-known musicians, as well as a launching pad for many others. This time, they looked for true unknowns and asked bands and musicians all over the country to film themselves performing one song behind a desk of their choice.

To tie-in to the contest and give it a local flavor, The Scene collected all of the videos that were submitted from Hampton Roads and held a contest of our own. The judging was rough, as the submissions where many - 59 from our area alone, and the competition was fierce with all of the local talent. But we could only pick one. You can see the other local submissions here:

Congrats to Sharkophagus for winning WHRO version of the Tiny Desk Contest! Check them out on Facebook.