Walt Taylor: The Art of Seeing - S1, Ep8

by Kendrick Hopkins - Shannon Bowman

Renowned artist, Walt Taylor, speaks about his early influences in drawing, how he got into sketching people, & how staying on top of technology has allowed him to take his art to a truly self-gratifying place. Or maybe it's the other way around? Also hear Walt talk about his editorial comics that he does weekly for the Virginian Pilot and the role social media plays in his creative process.

"When I was a kid, drawing was a way to get noticed by the popular kids and to avoid getting beaten up by bullies. Nothing much has changed since then. As far as urban sketching goes, I’m fascinated by the way luxury and squalor, beauty and ugliness, hedge fund managers and junkies, exist side by side in established cities, whose various constituencies have learned to accommodate each other over the generations. Newer communities try to exert too much control, and therefore are much less interesting to observe and draw."


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