Skye Zentz and BC Wilson: True Collaboration - S1, Ep1

by Kendrick Hopkins - Shannon Bowman

Skye Zentz grew up in Norfolk, VA, in a home full of strange musical instruments, star wars figures, and love. She taught herself to sing by osmosis, soaking up the influence of her very musical family, and crooning along with motown anthems and girl group hits on Oldies 95.7. Over the last decade, Skye has made a name for herself in the Hampton Roads area with her infectious, uplifting energy, honest lyrics and memorable melodies. She has received local nominations for Song of the Year at the 2007 Portfolio Music Awards in addition to the 2013 and 2014 Veer Music Awards. In 2013, Skye brought home the Veer Music Award for Best Acoustic/Folk. A versatile artist, she spreads her music from concert halls to nursing homes, public libraries to coffeehouses. In her songwriting, Skye explores themes of infatuation, commitment, freedom and the passage of time, inspired by her own experiences and complemented by the insight found in mythology and traditional folk tales. People of all ages enjoy the lighthearted grooves of her soulful folk sound. Her smooth bluesy vocals are often compared to Norah Jones and Suzanne Vega. Whether she's performing solo or with her 4 piece band, a set by Skye Zentz is sure to brighten up your life!  Click to listen to Skye's music.

A stop-motion animation made with paper, created by BC Wilson. Song and music by Skye Zentz.  Watch video here. 

Skye Zentz on Bandcamp and Facebook.


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