757Makerspace: Empowering the Community - S1, Ep6

by Kendrick Hopkins - Shannon Bowman
The 757 Makerspace is like no other. An incubator for engineers, artisans, designers & more, the 757 Makerspace has been coined a "giant mancave." Full of tools, laser cutters, 3-D printers, and most importantly, eager bodies, listen to founder, Beau Turner, describe all the goings on that surround this unique initiative.
757 Makerspace is a community workshop and prototyping center – it’s a “gym for innovators”.  If you are not familiar, the space has a diverse group of people of all ages and skill levels – fabricators, engineers, brewers, tinkerers, makers and artists of all kinds who love to create things come together. If you have an idea for something that you have always wanted to make but did not have the knowledge, skill or specialized tools to do so here you can learn more about design, creation and prototyping to turn your ideas into reality. If you can Imagine It, you can Make It!
For more info, go to 757Makerspace.com.

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