Matt Eich: Capturing Intimacy - S1, Ep5

by Kendrick Hopkins - Shannon Bowman


Photojournalist Matt Eich discusses how he was introduced to photography, the impact his family has had on his craft, and the intimacy that he seeks while capturing his subjects.

Even as an undergraduate at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, Matt Eich had a rigorous work ethic. He freelanced as 
a photographer, interned at newspapers including the Orange County Register in California and Portland’s The Oregonian, and picked up honors as the 2006 College Photographer of the Year, always a career boost.

Then, when Eich was 21, he became a parent, and life changed dramatically. “I knew I had to up my game if I was going to be able to support my family,” says Eich, now 26. “I couldn’t rely on one client or one market. I needed some stability.”

And up his game he did. Since graduating in 2008, Eich has built a roster of A-list clients such as Apple, AARP, National Geographic, Time, and Newsweek. He’s earned grants including an Aaron Siskind fellowship, a National Geographic Magazine Photography Grant, a ShootQ Grant, and a National Press Photographers Association Short Grant. He’s received international awards and his work is in several museums and private collections.

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