Greta Pratt: An American Experience

by Hyunsoo Léo Kim

Greta Pratt wears many hats and many of her acquaintances don't know much about the other parts of her life. To many in Norfolk, she is a professor who teaches photography at Old Dominion University. To her students, she is a tough teacher. But at the end of the day, Greta is an established photographer.

Pratt evolved from a press photographer career, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and a documentarian who captures the American experience. But she doesn't talk about what she has done. Pratt dwells her mind in the present and the story she captures through her lens.


Hyunsoo Léo Kim is an award-winning visual journalist who works for the Virginian-Pilot as Head of Multimedia Production. His passion is to capture the emotion of the moment and the personality of the subject. More of his work: