Sandy Curran: The Blood Remembers

by Danny Epperson


Life is a "patch work" full of responsibilities and sacrifices that are sewn together to make us whole.  This analogy couldn't be more evident than with fabric artist Sandy Curran of Newport News. When her husband's mother needed family care, Curran looked to her church and joined a guild with to find a connection and a support system for her mother-in-law.  While in the group, Curran also discovered quilting, the fabric artform that would become her passion over the years to come.  Curran developed her craft into a personal artform, adding her own technique and award-winning style.

She looks back at her career in fabric art as an indirect reward in her caring for her mother-in-law in the family's time of need. She is grateful for what the quilting opportunity has given her in her life and family and friends.

In this episode of The Scene, we profile Curran's profession as a fabric artist with a detailed look at one of her most lauded pieces, "The Blood Remembers."  Curran was inspired by the work to integrate right into the fabric, a very powerful poem that Curran also penned.