de-fen-es-tra-tion (dee-fen-uh-STRAY-shun) | n. the act of throwing someone or something out of a window

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We’ve all been tempted to throw things out the window – but what we’re talking about now is throwing out the obstacles that keep your creativity from a larger audience.  With defenestration, we’re taking the art of sharing to a whole new technological level!


By the way, if defenestration on public radio sounds familiar, you may be one of our longtime listeners who remember a show of the same name that aired many years ago.  It was hosted by Carol Taylor, an 89.5FM announcer who was only too happy to throw the rules of conventional radio out the window.  Thanks to pioneers like Carol, quality alternative music and serious artistic expression found a home on public radio, and opened the airwaves to programs like Rollie Radio, Out of the Box and Gyroscope.  Carol would love what technology is making possible today, and we’re excited to add to her legacy with this new innovation. 


If you are a musician, band member or just fan and live and perform in Hampton Roads, send us your MP3 or MP4 files or links, along with band name and song title and we will include in our Defenestration play list! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.