Season Two of The Scene Launches Wed Night

by Shannon Bowman

You can see the series on, beginning on April 29th,  as we release a new video at 7:57pm each week. Click here to catch the launch.

What do you get when you a cross modern dancer, party photographer, found art artist, folk art legend, indie family rock band, glass performer and more together? The second season of The Scene and a chance to see some of the coolest, up-and-coming artist in Hampton Roads.

"There's a lot of stuff going on in the Hampton Roads area that the mainstream of Hampton Roads doesn't know about. It's pocketed," said artist Asa Jackson, 26, of Newport News. "There are people who've been doing art at high levels for a while, but the community at large doesn't see it or recognize it yet." Jackson was featured in the first season for The Scene and since being featured in the series, has gone on to become the curator of a new, up and coming gallery in Newport News, 670 Gallery.

Through grants from the Virginia Endowment of the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts and arts commissions from Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News and Chesapeake, the up coming second season of The Scene, which will roll-out in early May, will feature the work of artists who are not only making a mark on Hampton Roads, but putting Hampton Roads on the artistic map for the country. To represent Norfolk, we will be featuring a longer version of our four to five minute video on the conceptual glass artists and designer, Charlotte Potter. Aside from currently showing at the Heller Gallery in New York, Potter also manages the glass studio forthe Chrysler Museum in Norfolk. Other talent from Norfolk includes Jacki Paolella, who recently completed the score for the Virginia Stage Company’s version of Taming of the Shrew, while maintaining a space in two local indie bands. Amanda Outcalt, a local painter and metalworker will complete the series for Norfolk as we tour her current show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

Charlotte PotterJacki PaolellaAmanda Outcalt

Just across the mid-town tunnel in Portsmouth we found hidden photographer Richard Perkins and Tabitha Lopez who is known for his gritty look at the party sense through disposable cameras. Randy Hess, woodworker and painter showcases his work in several galleries, while collaborating with several of the other artists in our series throughout the entire Hampton Roads area. And Portsmouth wouldn’t be represented properly without an up-close look at folk-art legend and restaurateur, Sydney Meers.

Richard Perkins and Tabitha LopezRandy HessSydney Meers

Most people don’t think about the art scene when they think about Chesapeake, but we have uncovered some amazing talent in this city full of suburbs and farmland. Julian Haskins, a new comer to the art world by many people’s standards, showcases his pop-art paintings in unlikely places like libraries and churches. And lastly representing Chesapeake, Christine Harris uses sculptures and art to help others an art therapist. 

Julian HaskinsChristine Harris

The series also includes the work of some very experienced artists from Newport News that are making their way into mainstream art in very unusual ways. Ann Mazzocca is a professor from Christopher Newport University that teaches modern and Afro-Caribbean dance that educates beyond the dance studios and into the real lives of the students she is working with. Lastly, The Scene takes an inside look at artistic couple Karen Freidt and Wade Mickley.  While both are employed by NASA and use found objects in their art, their work could not be more different and the process of creating is amazingly varied.

Ann Mazzocca Karen Freidt and Wade Mickley

While all of these artists represent a form of creation that is so completely different, the common, unifying thread that makes it way through all of these artists is their grounding sense as an artist and the roll that being a part of the art community in Hampton Roads makes. 

You can see the series on, beginning on April 29th,  as we release a new video at 7:57pm each week. Click here to catch the launch.