Stories in the Sky - Skye Zentz: Pride of Norfolk

by Victor Russo

When musician Skye Zentz wrote the song “The Tide,” little did she know about the years of activity this one song about the city of Norfolk would bring.



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She composed the song in February 2013 as part of February Album Writing Month in order to escape the winter writer’s block, and as this was her first song of the month, she expected very little from it.  But as she began to play it around local venues, the song gained traction and was quickly picked up by various media outlets to be played on air.  Then to Zentz’s surprise, in March 2014, animator B. C. Wilson created a stop-motion music video for “The Tide.”  Although it would not act as the official music video for the song, this video nevertheless circulated around town, bringing the song back into the local spotlight.  Later, Zentz began working with the production company Jpixx to film her own live action music video in the same year, and they traveled to numerous locations in Norfolk—including WHRO—to shoot footage for this video.  Production came to an end in early 2015, and the crew now prepares for the video’s release, which is set for April 4.

Looking back at the busy history of “The Tide,” Zentz feels proud of how much the song has accomplished in showing the support that the community of Norfolk has for its local arts.  “Going from then ‘til now, it’s just been really cool to watch it grow and to watch just how enthusiastic so many people have gotten about the song and how I really haven’t had to be doing too much promotion of the song myself ‘cause people are sort of like cheerleading for the song on their own, “ Zentz tells Victor Russo.  “I think that just speaks for the community that we have here in Norfolk, that, you know, we have a lot of people who are very keen to support the arts.”

Going forward, Zentz hopes that the premiere of the official music video for “The Tide” will bring more success to the song in the form of its selection as the official city song of Norfolk.  She says, “The mayor has been invited to the premiere and hopefully he will come."

In this episode of Stories in the Sky, Zentz talks with Victor Russo about the random people she met while shooting the video for “The Tide,” the stories behind her songs, and her childhood as she grew up in her father’s music store.

Skye Zentz is a singer-songwriter, whose single “The Tide” is set to have its official music video premiered on April 4.  You can find more information on Zentz at

Note: The songs played in this episode—listed in chronological order—are The Tide, Bird Heart, Got the Time, Merrier Me, Long Ago (For Always), and Brambleberry, performed by Skye Zentz.