Photo Credit: Nicholas Tommasi

Photo Credit: Nicholas Tommasi

Stories in the Sky - Invisible Landscapes: Year One

by Victor Russo

The first year of a band can be an exciting period of time.  The bandmates learn each other’s musical tastes and abilities, and they experiment with new sounds to find what fits them as a whole.  They also engage in the process of deciding the ever-important band name, which may not be quick or easy but never fails to produce an interesting story.  And throughout the whole year, the band experiences its series of firsts—its first live performance, its first gig at an out-of-state festival, its first recording session, and its first record release, to name a few possibilities—that gives the band a sense of accomplishment and hope for even greater success.

This experience was especially true for the band Invisible Landscapes.  After officially forming in June 2013, vocalist and guitarist Raphael Lambriola, keyboardist Jed Tuazon, bassist Hunter Gowen, and drummer Keith Perkins quickly realized that they musically complemented each other perfectly, so they ventured out to make their mark on the scene and swiftly began to accomplish their series of firsts.  Starting from small venues, they gained enough attraction to perform at larger, more prominent stages within their first year, and that momentum led to their first appearance at an out-of-state festival—namely, the Pink Moon Festival in West Virginia—near the beginning of their second year.  And not too long before that performance, the band completed their first year with the release of their self-titled debut EP in June 2014.

That recording of Invisible Landscapes’ first EP was a particularly significant first for the band, as none of the band members had stepped foot into a professional recording studio before that.  “When we just got there, it was really exciting,” Lambriola explains.  “I was like, ‘Holy crap!  This is actually happening.  We’re in a real studio.’”  Surely, this important milestone offered the band members a sense of accomplishment and inspired them to dream of greater ambitions for the band.

As the band runs through its second year, greater things seem to already be happening, as it has been nominated for three awards in Veer Magazine’s 4th Annual Local Music Awards.  Whatever the outcome of that event, the future of Invisible Landscapes can only be promising.

In this episode of Stories in the Sky, Lambriola, Perkins, and Gowen talk with Victor Russo about their experience recording the EP, the long process of deciding on their band name, and how one sound engineer nearly ruined their show at the Pink Moon Festival.


Invisible Landscapes is a psychedelic rock band composed of Raphael Lambriola, Jed Tuazon, Hunter Gowen, and Keith Perkins.  Their self-titled debut EP is out now.  For more information on the band, you can visit

Note:  The songs played in this episode—listed in chronological order—are Vampyroteuthis, Making Peace with Death, Moonlit Face, Feather Headdress, and Opium Den, performed by Invisible Landscapes on their self-titled EP.