Locals Enter NPR Tiny Desk Contest and A Chance to Play for The Scene

by Shannon Bowman

Piggybacking off NPR's Tiny Desk Contest, The Scene and WHRO is holding it's own contest giving a local band or musician the chance to be the focus for a new video from The Scene. Here are a few examples.  The judges include Paul Shugrue | Out of the Box, Dave Voightritter | Defenestration, James Duval | AltRadio, Jeff Fine | WHRO, Kenny Hopkins | The Scene, Wayla Chambo | WHROFM, and Anthony McSpadden of WHRV & WHROFM

Judging will follow the NPR guidelines for the contest and based on Musical Quality and Appeal, OriginalityStage Presence and Charisma, and Use of a Desk (ok, we added that last one). Judges will be calculating their totals by Feb 20th and the winner will be announced Feb 21st!

But wait, there's more! We want to know who you think is the best! Go to The Scene Facebook page and vote on your favorite video. Everyone who votes will be entered in a random drawing to receive an originally signed vinyl album from Kishi Bashi!

The band with the most votes will get an exclusive interview with Victor Russo of Stories in the Sky. Check out some of Victor's other interviews with Invisible Landscapes, Intalek, and DJP and MrT.

Here are a few videos submitted for the contest. To see a complete list of all of the videos, click here vote today! People's Choice contest ends midnight, February 20th.


This is Life by DYSKA


Tragic Colors by Long Division


Tracing Fireworks by DJP & MrT 


Freedom by Seed Is


The Architect by Jake Hull & the Great Victory


How Much Love by Karl Werne


Wishbone by Narissa Bond


Motocycles by Aaroon Randolp


A Girl Can Dream by Mountaintide 


Runaway String Band


More videos