NPR's Tiny Desk Throws Big Contest Seeking Unknown Bands

by Shannon Bowman

Know a good musician looking for a big break? Check out NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Contest and a chance to be featured in a Scene video.


2 Ways to Win

For years NPR's popular Tiny Desk Concert series has featured established and upcoming artists presenting informal concerts. Now, the series is looking for the next big "tiny" thing. And WHRO (along with the help of WHRV, AltRadio, The Scene, WHROFM and Defenestration) wants to help you get to Austin and recognize a local winner as well with a video produced by WHRO. So, you have two ways to win!
1. Enter a video of yourself or your band performing one original song (no covers!) while seated behind a desk of their choice. NPR's panel will choose a winner and they will play a full Tiny Desk Concert at NPR's studios in Washington, D.C. and then travel to Austin, Texas, for a March 2015 showcase at the Lagunitas's CoughTrippin' shindig. Make sure to tag your video on YouTube with #TinyDeskContest and #WHROTinyDeskContest


Grand Prize winner chosen from NPR will receive a trip to NPR Headquarters in Washington DC to perform the song that is played on the video; trip to Austin, TX to perform at Lagunitas’ CouchTrippin’ to Austin showcase.


2. All entries will also be entered into our (WHRV, AltRadio, The Scene, WHROFM and Defenestration) Tiny Desk Contest. Simply complete the NPR form and then email us with a link to the video, your name / bands name, and best phone number. Send YouTube link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Don't forget to tag the video with #TinyDeskContest and #WHROTinyDeskContest.


Local People's Choice Award: 5 videos will be chosen from a local panel made up of folks from WHRV, AltRadio, The Scene, WHROFM and Defenestration. These five videos will be posted on Facebook and the grand prize winner will be picked by the community. The winner will have an exclusive video created by the production department at WHRO of you or your band performing your song from the video at a desk here at WHRO. The video will be released on The Scene and and promoted through our stations. 


The contest runs through January 19, 2015. You can read the full contest details on this special contest page at NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts site. Read the rules.


Not familiar with Tiny Desk Concerts? Take a look: