Top 10 Reasons To Be a Part of The Scene This Sunday

by Shannon Bowman

On Sunday, September 28th, with the help of our friends at O'Connor Brewing Co., art, music, beer and food will all clash in an all-out celebration of local arts!

If you you'd like to support local art, grab a ticket for only $25 and come join us for this awesome showcase.


Here are the top 10 Reasons You Need to Be There:

1. We are working on a cool video series with these cool folks

The Scene | Sneak-Peak at Cool Things to Come

Click Here to Watch Video


2. And then we did this:

The Scene | BC & Skye

Click Here to Watch Video


3. And this:

The Scene | Asa Jackson

Click Here to Watch Video


4. We have these folks performing


5. And these guys doing live art 

  • Mark Smithwick
  • Cha Cha Mubinga
  • Asa Jackson
  • Todd Owens
  • Christopher Revels
  • Hampton Boyer


6. O'Connors is pouring this - one 1 is on us!


7. These guys will be feeding us


8. These folks support us...A LOT!


9. These kids too!












10. The new season of Downton Abbey isn't out yet, so what else do you have to do on a Sunday?