Broken Mouth Annie

by Joshua Jackson

Broken Mouth Annie began as a quartet in 2011; vocalist and guitarist Anson Morris was playing with Mike Howland and Matt Scruggs as their previous bands were ending. They recalled that Scruggs played a small percussion kit with his feet while simultaneously strumming bass, while the other two sang and played guitar in hopes of garnering an Americana sound.


However, that approach was soon abandoned after the arrival of percussionist Victoria Hundley and Chris Samulski, a violinist with over 20 years of classical training.


The band has gone from rehearsing in a tiny room on a Whaleyville farm, to a 2013 Veer award for The Frustration King. They have performed at Art After 5, The Hampton Roads Show, and the NorVa.


They sat down to talk about recent projects and their thoughts on the Hampton Roads Music scene.

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Joshua Jackson is a writer and musician from Williamsburg, Virginia. His interest in the music scene grew after he started performing at age 11. His time as a Defenestration intern helped him better understand radio as well as the performance arts.