Indigogo is a Go

by Shannon Bowman

What is The Scene?

The Scene | WHRO Trailer Video

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WHRO has teamed up with PBS Digital to launch a new web series called "The Scene". You may wonder what The Scene is and why we are doing this. Our goal is to make an impact in our community by producing video series that will capture and and give prominence to underground, unknown or just under-appreciated artists in Hampton Roads.

Along with our companion website, each episode will tell a unique and positive story about local artists and their craft.  Digital storytellers are documenting specific stories covering a variety of art themes such as street-art, tattoo, sculptures, music, painters, photographers, performance artists, improv performers, and more.


We've created The Scene series so that local artists can tell their own stories as an insider’s perspective about art in our community.  They will share what they want locals and visitors to know about how the art scene is a big part of what Hampton Roads really is.


We have already interviewed over a dozen local artists from Hampton Roads and started putting together their stories that they are excited to share with you and the community.  We narrowed our first series down to eight webisodes based on their story ideas and art, video clips and passion for the project.

Each webisode, once produced, will be shared via WHRO and The Scene, and also through the PBS Digital Studios YouTube Channel.  The series will premiere in September 2014 with the release of a new video each week.

What We Need & What You Get

But we need your help! In order to fully fund this project and make it a success, we need to raise at least $20,000 to fund the production and editing for each digital episode.  Donate now.

So let's exceed our goal!  Additional funds raised will help WHRO producers get out into the community and capture these amazing hardworking artists and give them the exposure they deserve and create a sense of art in the Hampton Roads community.

So we're asking you to support this project, and help share these creative and unique stories about all art in our community.