Stories In The Sky: Salad Days

by Victor Russo
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As fall turns into winter, people have a lot to look forward to: various holidays, the advent of the new year, vacations, and time spent away from work and more with family and friends.  But last winter, fans of the DC hardcore punk scene found something else under their Christmas tree—the documentary titled Salad Days: The Birth of Punk in the Nation’s Capital.  Directed by Scott Crawford and produced by Jim Saah, Salad Days looks at the history of the DC punk scene, which was prevalent in the mid-1980s, and it features dozens of interviews with influential figures like musicians Ian MacKaye and Dave Grohl and fans and promoters of the scene like comedian Fred Armisen. 


In this episode of Stories in the Sky, Scott Crawford and Jim Saah talk with Defenestration’s Victor Russo about their production of Salad Days, their lives growing up in DC, and their passion for sharing the music and culture that inspired this documentary.


Victor Russo is the midday host on WHRV, but got his start producing Stories in the Sky, an interview show distributed by Defenestration. Featuring local and international musical guests for conversations about pretty much anything!