Wednesday & Thursday Are for the Scene

by Shannon Bowman

Beginning March 31st at 9:30PM, you can catch the encore performance of seasons one and two of The Scene on WHROTV-15. Every Thursday follow the behind the scene glimpses in the lives of area artists from the 757.

Beginning Wednesday April 6th at 7:57PM, catch the premiere of season three as we explore an entire new batch of local musicians and artists. Follow us on Facebook for updates and details on video releases for the season.


The Scene, Episode One - It’s the perfect time to tell the stories that make Hampton Roads culturally unique. Week One features the work of Walt Taylor, Skye Zentz and BC Wilson, Masego Music and the original trailer that started and secured the funding for the project.

The Scene, Episode Two - We’re taking a look at more of the most intriguing artists in Hampton Roads. Week Two features the 757 Makerspace along with the work of Sydney Meers, Matt Eich, Amanda Outcalt, including a special musical performance by Sharkophagus.

The Scene, Episode Three - Hampton Roads is culturally & artistically one of the richest places on the East Coast. Explore the work of another great group of artists from the region. Week Two features The Last Bison, Mark Wroblewski aka Kram, TCC & the VAC, and Asa Jackson.

The Scene, Episode Four - Art has an interesting way of bringing people together. In this episode, we discover how artists Karen Long Freidt and Wade Mickley found art / found love! Week Three also features the surreal sculpture of Christine K. Harris, the lost punk scene of Hardcore Norfolk, and the spoken word prose of Godchild the Omen.

The Scene, Episode Five - We span the gamut of artistic expression in this episode starting with Jackie Paolella's music and Julian Haskins' painting. From there, succumb to the charm of Ann Mazzocca's dance and the irresistible pull of Richard Perkins and Tabitha Lopez' photography.

The Scene, Episode Six - Glass artist Charlotte Potter's work is on fire! In 2015, the Glass Studio Manager and Programming Director at the Chrysler Glass Studio was granted her first solo exhibition at the famed Heller Gallery in New York. The only thing that could possibly go wrong? An ice storm bad enough to shut down the entire subway system.