Out of the Box: DJP & MrT

by Shannon Bowman

"It's just that sometimes I feel I've got to reinvent the wheel."

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics from the chorus of DJP & MrT's song "The Wheel" serves as a mission statement for the Norfolk, VA indie band, whose varied approach to their music is their most consistent attribute. The trio combines elements of indie rock, old school hip-hop, 80s new wave, modern electronica, as well as classical violin to create a sound that is both fresh and instantly appealing. Since its inception in 2010, DJP & MrT have laid a path of disruption across Norfolk's local music scene, shattering audience's sensibilities and garnering attention and adoration from a wide spectrum of fans. They are known for an exciting live performance wherein each member plays multiple roles to combine electronic studio production with traditional live instrumentation. The result of this straddling is a lively and compelling production that is difficult to categorize. With multiple collaborations alongside the Virginia Stage Company (including lead singer and primary songwriter Jacki Paolella creating an original synthpop soundtrack for the retelling of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew) and song placement in breakout indie horror flick Starry Eyes, their music has found a home in both theater and film. In 2013 they released their debut full-length LP Otolith, and in 2015 the aforementioned soundtrack for the Virginia Stage Company, titled Won't Be Tamed. Both are available for streaming & purchase at www.djpandmrt.bandcamp.com.

Location:   Miller Studio Theatre
Tickets:   Free and Open to the Public