Tidewater Arts Outreach and Emerging Artist Contest

by Shannon Bowman

It's that time again. Tidewater Arts Outreach has launched their Emerging Artist Contest, a major component of the Sea Level Singer / Songwriter Festival. The EAC is a contest for amateur singer/songwriters hailing from within 100-miles of Norfolk and the surrounding Tidewater area. Budding songwriters, often those who perform at open mics and local venues, on college campuses, in churches, on sidewalks, in schools, and/or in the privacy of their own homes, are invited to submit digitally recorded song sets containing two (2) original, non-commercialized, songs of their choosing and self-creation. All songwriting genres are permitted, but must be performed without the aid of any computer enhancements, synthesizers, or accompaniment of others during the live performance. The contest begins with a 3-month song submission window, followed by a preliminary judging process to select eight (8) top finalists who will perform their two-song submissions in front of a live audience and panel of final judges at the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival. The final judges determine three (3) top, order-ranked finalists, with the #1 ranking finalist being the overall contest winner, who receives exceptional prizes and great opportunities to further promote his/her musical talents. Past EACs have yielded truly terrific talent and we look forward to witnessing a 2016 contest featuring bound-to-be awesome emerging artists!

More details can be found on EAC's FaceBook Group: Singer/Songwriters in the 757.  Go there for inspiration, information and to connect with fellow creatives.

You can also find updates on Facebook.


About the Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival:

The Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival, now in its 9th year, is a celebration of live, original music and features local and national singer/songwriters, an instrument-themed art auction, an Emerging Artist Singer/Songwriter Competition (EAC), indoor and outdoor live performance showcases by local musicians, and a high-end guitar raffle. The festival is the largest annual fundraiser for Tidewater Arts Outreach.

About the Emerging Artist Singer/Songwriter Competition (EAC):