Soundtracks of The Scene

by India Pougher

In order to further the mission of showcasing emerging artists in Hampton Roads, each of The Scene’s videos features original music by local musicians. 

Now, The Scene is getting to know these singers, bands and producers (and sharing them with you) through a new series of articles and Q&As with the musicians themselves.  Get to know the talented, and maybe sometimes hidden, music scene of Hampton Roads – you might just hear your new favorite song.


Scratch Zilla - The Scene first introduced you to the sounds of Skratch Zilla in its season one video on local artist Godchild the Omen. See what Scratch Zilla has been up to since then.

The Dharma Initiative - You first heard their music in The Scene’s video on the 757 Makerspace in Norfolk. Hampton Road’s own, The Dharma Initiative, claims they’ve “answered the call” for anyone looking for music to excite their mind and body.


Check back for more profiles and interviews with Scene featured musicians.