Calling All Artists: 2016

by Shannon Bowman

As we complete our second season of The Scene video series and brought all twenty videos to broadcast, we are already thinking about season three. With grants from Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News and now Williamsburg, we are starting to building our list of potential subjects for the next season of digital storytelling.

If you aren’t familiar with the The Scene, you may wonder what we are and why we are doing this. Our goal is to make an impact in our community by producing a website and video series that will capture and and give prominence to local artists in Hampton Roads.

Along with our companion website, each episode in the video series will tell a unique and positive story about local artists and their craft.  We document specific stories covering a variety of themes such as street-art, tattoo, sculptures, music, painters, photographers, performance artists, improv performers, and more.

We've created The Scene series so that local artists can tell their own stories as an insider’s perspective about art in our community.  They will share what they want locals and visitors to know about how the art scene is a big part of what Hampton Roads really is.

We would love to hear who you think we should cover in the upcoming series. While we can’t cover everyone in the series, we do try to cover through the website as whole. We love to hear stories about artists who are contributing and giving back to the community and helping to expand art in the region. Potential candidates must live in Hampton Roads.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. their name, any website details you may have, videos or sample images of their work. We'd love to see them!