Brett Dennen at the Norva

by Hunter Hughes

When you go to see Brett Dennen at the Norva on Oct. 9th, you will be struck by two things initially.  First of all, he is very tall, about 6'4" to 6'5.  Second, with his bright red mop top hair and tortoise shell glasses,  he looks unusually young.  He's 35 but appears to be all of 15.

Musically you're in for a intimate evening because it appears he will be performing solo. But if he is with a band it will certainly be tight and high energy.

Dennen, who hails from Northern California, has wrapped his original pop songs in shades of the Beatles, Paul Simon and Bob Marley. On stage he's usually engaging and even playful. His songs can be uplifting and celebratory, languid and lost in love, or biting and political. 

Currently he is still touring behind his 5th album, Smoke and Mirrors, which was released in 2013 and featured the hit Wild Child”.  But by this time, he may be deep into some new music.

Maybe he'll tell you about his new endeavor, a Rose' Sparkling Wine called Charismatic Fool.  The wine is named for a lyric in one of his songs. Yes, it would seem that Brett Dennen is not only a singer-songwriter but also a wine connoisseur.

At any rate and in whatever form, Brett Dennen should deliver a fine evening of entertainment...enjoy the show.


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