The Scene Comes to WHRO-TV

by Shannon Bowman

Friday Nights at 8:30pm from October 9-November 13, 2015


As we finish the first year of The Scene, highlighting the work of more than twenty artists through a website and video series, we bring the work of these talented artists to viewer at home on WHRO-TV 15.


The Scene is a WHRO Arts initiative. Born out of the fact that Hampton Roads is culturally & artistically one of the richest places on the East Coast, it felt like it was the perfect time to tell the stories that make this area unique.


As with every project of this magnitude that a non-profit organization takes on, certain financing & grants had to be secured. So our team at WHRO set out to make a trailer to show why a series like this is vital to the growth of our region.


From that trailer, the Scene has received funding from PBS Digital Studios, as well as several Virginia & city arts commissions, Peninsula Fine Art Center & the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. From there, we covered a wide range of artists: everyone from painters, dancers, musicians, photographers & more.


Beginning this Friday night, starting at 8:30, and every Friday for the next six weeks, we will take a look at these artists from our online series, as well as interviews with the them to find out what they are up to now and what their next big artist ventures will be.


Week One feastures the work of Walt Taylor, Skye Zentz and BC Wilson, Masego Music and the original trailer that started secured the funding for the project.


The Scene Trailer